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Effects of the Behaviour Education Program

The Behaviour Education Program (BEP; Crone et al 2004) is a modified check in, check out program for students who may not respond to school wide behaviour plans. The groups of students who may benefit from this type of secondary intervention are those with:
a. poor peer relations
b. low academic outcomes
c. chaotic home environments

These type of students may require more practice in behavioural expectations as well as academic modificitions to ensure success.

The daily check in, check out program provides these students with positive adult interaction as well as targeting these students for other secondary interventions that may aid in decreasing future inappropriate behaviour.

The study was conducted in the following manner:

Students were selected for participation in the study if they (a) entered the BEP intervention after at least 2 months of school (to establish a baseline office discipline referral rate), (b) received the BEP intervention for at least 6 weeks, (c) had received …