Thursday, July 27, 2017

Schools in Action: Physical Literacy to Encourage Learning

Physical Education and Movement is truly a passion for me.  I think it is imperative that children are involved in daily physical education and movement throughout the school day.  It is even more important today when children have become so attached to devices where they can spend hours on it without moving anything but their fingers.  This creates a generation of children who have trouble communicating,  are obese, lethargic, susceptible to lifestyle disease, and unhealthy.  Is this what we want for our children??

We need to take action as a society to say that no this is not what we want for our children.  We want well rounded children interested in taking care of their own health and who won't rely on taking pills to alleviate a problem that they have created because of the health choices they have made.

The Government of British Columbia have published a book called "Physical Activity Action Resource".. It is actually very good and contains many great ideas and games.  It is a valuable free resource that both parents and teachers can access.

Schools in Action is a program promoting healthy living and here are some of the ways that children have begun to implement this program:

1.  POWER UP MORNINGS:  School wide morning events.  Staff and students fill the gym or listen to instructions and music over the intercom for a morning of physical activity derived from the Physical Activity Resource and Action Bin.  These activities could include:  yoga, head to toe stretch, dance or workout from Fit Kids Workout DVD.  These activities can be led by students or staff once or twice a week.

2.  LEADERS ROCK:  The leaders in higher grades lead the younger grades through various physical activities that include primary games, outdoor games, and strength and conditioning exercises.  (Get Strong DVD).  The leaders take responsibility for the scheduling of the activities and learn a variety of leadership skills.

3.  MOVE YOUR BODY ROOM:  Teachers converted two rooms into multi-purpose rooms and circuits for kids.  The rooms were designed with several stations including juggling, hopscotch, yoga and balance beams.  Get Strong 101 DVD as well as Kids into Action DVD helped the teachers with the setup and activities.

4.  BRAIN BUILDER ACTION BREAKS:  Teachers integrate action breaks throughout the day to stimulate the brain when transitioning between subjects.  Activities include brain energizers, juggling, skipping, Bean Bag Boogie, BrainDance, Tai Chi and stretching.

Physical activity should not be negotiable in schools.  It is a requirement and is just as important as the academic subjects especially for those children experiencing difficulties in the classroom.

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