Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Discipline vs. Punishment

In my seminar, Save Your Sanity:  Proactive Strategies for Children with Challenging Behaviour, we discuss the difference between punishment and discipline.  We have to realize that these two words are actually belief systems or philosophies.  You as a parent or teacher have to define what this means to you and be very clear on your approach.  WHY?? Your belief system guides your behaviour and the approach that you use with children is defined by what you believe.  Why do you do the things you are doing with the children you work with or parent?  In order to answer that clearly you have to become aware of your own behaviour in relation to a child's behaviour.  Are you trying to fix or change a child or are you trying to teach?  The clearer you are on your belief system and behaviour, the less confusion a child experiences in their environment.

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