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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dealing with Anxiety in Youth

Anxiety is our body's reaction to perceived danger or unknown events.  The brain does not determine whether it is a true perception or false misconception.  We attach an emotion to an event or perceived event and our body reacts according to that perception.  Can we change our perception to events and perceived dangers.  Of Course We CAN!!  However it take works to do so.  It is not as easy as just saying stop being so silly especially if we have had the perception of that event over time and established that there will always be negative outcomes around the event.  We must change our thinking, feelings and actions/behaviour to the perceived event.  This is done using many techniques.

Deep Breathing
Visual Imagery
Positive Self Talk
Mindfulness Training
Look at Nutrition and reducing sugars and processed foods.
Organize and Plan
Get rid of Clutter and Chaos
Disconnect from Technology

Can we teach children and youth to utilize these techniques.  Definitely but it take practice, repetition and motivation.  Adults should be the child's role model.  Show by doing!!!

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