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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cognitive Behaviour Interventions for Children

Cognitive Behaviour Interventions have been typically implemented in cases where mental health was the primary issue of the client.  Now we see a number of instances where teachers are utilizing CBT techniques in the classroom for children who may be having behaviour difficulties.  The idea behind CBI is that it teaches children/young adults to control their own behaviour rather than the adult trying to control everything the child does.  CBI helps children regulate their inner voices to aid in modifying their underlying thinking which in turn has impact on their actions or behaviours.  It's about teaching children "How to Think" rather than "What to Think".
A number of strategies that I have used have been centered around "student self talk", visual imagery strategies and role playing practice strategies.  Keep in mind these strategies take time to develop  and become ingrained in the child's brain.  Practice is the key to success as well as positive encouragement and feedback.

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