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Monday, May 29, 2017

Social Skills Activities for Children

Children who are experiencing social skills difficulties can absolutely benefit from social skill practice especially through games and engagement activities.  There are a number of games that teachers can play with their students as well as parents can use to stimulate learning at home.  Having fun with social skills is key to helping children get over their anxiety about interacting with others in a social situation.  Here are few games that you can play with your kids:

1.  Peek a boo:  Looking at each other and eye contact.  Some of our younger children with ASD may find it difficult to maintain eye contact.  This fun game can show children that giving eye contact can be fun.

2.  Place a pair of eyes on your forehead and have the child look at the sticker rather than into your eyes.  This can be less threatening for some of your kids.

3.  Swinging:  When a child is in a swing make eye contact with them and laugh and have fun.

4.  Using books that write about social skill situations that the child may be struggling with.  There are a number of awesome books that both teachers and parents can use.

5.  Memory or matching games:

6.   Emotion Charades:    Instead of using movie titles, animal or other typical words, use emotions.  Write down feeling words on pieces of paper – or, print out and cut up the worksheet below. Take turns picking a slip of paper and then acting out the word written on it. You could substitute written words for pictures showing the emotion. If kids prefer, you can draw the emotion rather than act it out like in the game Pictionary.  You can make it harder by setting a rule that you cannot draw the emotion using a face. Instead, they have to express the feeling by drawing the body language or aspects of a situation that would lead to that emotion (e.g. for sadness, you can draw a kid sitting alone on a bench, or a rainy day, etc.)

Have a peek at these sites for more ideas:

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